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Über mich

My name is Milena Apostolova. I grew up in Bulgaria and now live in Hamburg , Germany with my family. I studied Bachelor in Communication design at HAW Hamburg, where I learned about photography from an artistic point of view from the well known Photographer Ute Mahler  and prof. Vincent Kohlbecher. After my Bachelor I did a master degree in Film with a focus on Documentary film. Meanwhile I am a mother of three children and a family person, but I try to keep on doing photography in my everyday life and also as a freelancer to support my family.

Since I feel a conscious person, I have been photographing all sort of

events happening in my life and I couldn't imagine life without seeing

it through my camera.

Throughout time I noticed that pictures have a powerful language and 

speak to us on an subconscious level, like music and art. They provoke

feelings and can be a time capsule for our memories.

Photographing people is a kind of specific non verbal conversation 

and one of my favourite fields. Honesty and openness are a must for 

a good photography and are one of the things I like most about being

a photographer.

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